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Stories of Store

I really like this product. .as it’s claimed  100% organic. .I feel good results on my face. .it gives instant glow on skin. .just love this product ❤️


Govt. Employee

This is my first body scrub and i am in love with this product. Mrignaini Ubtan deep cleanser is very relaxing and great for the skin. It smells nice. Must try the product.



Strengthens hair and prevents premature greying, I have been using this for 2 years, no side effects at all.



Mrignaini natural packs are best for hairs as well as for skin as it contains natural ingredients which are good for skin. what I personally love about mrignaini product is it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.



A good product by Mrignaini. It comes in a very good quantity, which makes it easy to apply. This is my second purchase of ubtan deep cleanser and i have got a pack free in offer.  Thank u Mrignaini. 🙂



Mrignaini ubtan is an amazing face pack. Many beauty gurus and YouTubers were talking about this and I thought to give it a try and I was so happy with my purchase. It just brightens your skin and gives you a natural glow.


Manjusha Artist

I have used many Henna powders from different brands and even plain natural Home made henna Powder too.. out of all, I liked Mrignaini’s, a lot. It gives nice shine and volume to hairs, when applied.


Account Professional

I love using Mrignaini Henna Powder for my hair because first of all it’s organic and it doesn’t contain any chemicals like the one you usually get in the market (which makes your hair white and are harmful to your hair ) and secondly it gives a very beautiful color and makes my hair smooth and shiny